The first step in writing research rationale for dissertation is to substantiate a research topic. The rationality explains the relevance of the chosen research topic and its relevance to the main direction of the scientific work of the department. The basis for selecting the topic of the dissertation is a mandatory step when writing a dissertation. This is why it is also called as the justification of the study. Preferably, your research should be organized in the form of observations, rationale, hypothesis, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.

To write your research rationale for bachelor’s dissertation, you must first write a background story about how your research subject has completed all research. Identify gaps in the literature and highlight why it is important to fill those gaps. The rationale should identify the goals and objectives.

How to Write Research Rationale?

To show the relevance of the topic and your familiarity with the entire problem, it becomes a good basis to analyze the bibliographic source of the research topic. Make a list of the scientific articles on this and related topics, with a brief description of the results and conclusions of these studies. When checking how to do research rationale writing, check out abstracts and dissertations of recent years.

After selecting the topic, determine the purpose and objectives of the study, as well as the opportunities and resources for conducting the study. It is possible that there is already research and studies conducted on this topic previously. This will considerably facilitate the justification of a dissertation.

Stages when Writing Research Rationale for Dissertation

The subject of scientific work must be justified according to a certain pattern. The document must contain the following parameters when writing research rationale.

Topic wording

The correct creation of research topics is the key to successful writing. It cannot be expressed in free form, but the topic must meet the requirements of the professional passport of the Advanced Certification Board and clearly reflect the expected content of the candidate. It should be kept in mind that topics can be adjusted when writing a dissertation. In the initial stages of deciding a topic, the most important task is to show the originality and purpose of the work. Readers should not doubt the content of the work when reading the topic.

Relevance of the topic

In this section, you need to justify the relevance of your topic and why you have considered this topic when writing research rationale. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the practical value but also to the relevance of scientific research on this issue. To ensure the relevance of the topic, you can justify by studying scientific articles, monographs, and books from well-known scientists, or you can use topics that have been discussed at scientific conferences and with colleagues’ work. With the right approach, this will clearly define the tasks assigned to scientists and select scientific research methods.

Define research objectives

The purpose of this section is to answer the question of how to solve the problem. The document must also state the purpose of the research and objectives of the study. There is only one goal and it must be based on topics and relevance. The professional researchers at the Royal British Essay Writers suggest to write the objectives that are relevant to the topic of your research. Clearly define the objectives, after which the goal of the study will be achieved.

The allegedly new study

It is necessary to indicate the innovative aspect of the research and how it differs from existing work.

Estimated actual correlation

This section specifies the relevance of solving problems in practice and the possibility of using the results in production. It is recommended to specify where the resulting development can be applied specifically.

Present the actual expected results

Research must focus on the implementation of certain fields of science, finance, economy, and education. This step requires a careful attitude. Many candidates have made serious mistakes solely on the basis of theoretical knowledge and the technical basis of development. All experiences and studies require a prepared technical basis, sufficient funding to support and application of practical skills.

Example of Research Rationale

There are various examples of writing research rationale for a dissertation. Most will be built on standard templates. Here is an example of a dissertation topic, you can use this template for preparing a research rationale.

Justification of the topic of the dissertation


Name (Full Name)

Specialty ___________________________________________

(Code and name of specialty)

Department of Attachment _______________________________

Scientific adviser ______________________________________

(Academic degree, academic title, Surname Name Patronymic)

Theme of scientific research ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Relevance of the Research __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Goal of the study____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Research objective __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Subject of the study_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Working hypothesis_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Scientific novelty____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Research Methods_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Theoretical Importance of the study _______________________________________________________________________________________

Practical significance of the study__________________________________________________________________________________________


“_____” _____________ 20____.

Signature of Applicant ________________________ (Signature) (Surname I.O.)

Signature of the supervisor ________________ (Signature) (Surname I.O.)

Tips for Writing Research Rationale

The best examples of well-written rationale indicates a lack of research or evidence in specific areas. When writing research rationale statement, one must include relevant questions related to the topic. Mention who will benefit from the research within the rationale. Make sure the rationale supports all research. Define the scope of the justification without being so narrow that you can reject parts of your research.


Writing research rationale is the most important step in the work of graduate and undergraduate students. The candidates are not allowed to write a dissertation without collecting compelling reasons for the topic. In order to properly substantiate the topic and formulate the expected results, the applicant must have some experience in the field of research and related publications, which is reasonable and attached to the document. We hope you found this article useful when writing research rationale for your dissertation or research.