An executive summary or an abstract is an important part of your dissertation. The executive summary is usually presented at the start of your dissertation. That’s why it may be a substantive description of the dissertation paper that your reviewers will read first. The abstract is a summary of the entire paper. Therefore, it is important to truly express the content of the thesis in the summary, this means that the executive summary outline must be consistent with the content of the dissertation.

Since the purpose of a summary is to arouse the interest of the readers while using the most relevant keywords. It is good to perfect your writing skills in writing a summary as it will help you a great deal. In addition, you can look up executive summary sample for more help. Below is an explanation of how an executive summary looks like and the tips for writing a summary.

Tips for Writing Excellent Executive Summary of a dissertation

Size and structure of the summary

When writing executive summary of a dissertation the average size of the dissertation summary is 150 words. To ensure consistency, we advise you to limit the size of the summary to one page (double-sized), of about 250 words. The structure of the summary should reflect the structure of the entire thesis and must include all the important elements. For example, if your thesis consists of five chapters (introduction, literature review, methodology, results, conclusions), it is recommended to write at least one or more line summary for every chapter. In this way, you can write the gist of every chapter and summarize it clearly.

State your research questions clearly

Just like your thesis or dissertation, research questions or aims and objectives of dissertation are crucial to ensure that the abstract has the same structure. They form a framework to which other elements are attached. But there is only room for a primary question or two questions. If you have more than three important research questions in your dissertation, you can consider combining some research questions. The reason is that you do not want to exceed the word count when writing executive summary of a dissertation.

Remember to include the results

One of the most common mistakes overlooked when writing an executive summary is forgetting to present the results. The most important feature of the dissertation writing is not telling the reader what you did, but to tell them what you have found. Other information, such as your research method, is primarily required to confirm your results. The last half of your summary should be dedicated to generalizing and explaining your results.

Proofread the text

After completing the summary, read it thoroughly to identify any grammatical errors or mistakes in the text. Make sure nothing is forgotten and your writing is simple and clear for the reader to understand. In addition, you must ensure that your summary meets the rules of writing an excellent executive summary of a dissertation.

  • Check all the important ideas are written in your executive summary.
  • Check the word limit so you don’t exceed the word limit. 

Executive Summary Format Example

This is the format that makes your work attractive to your readers, and you must adhere to the correct format so that readers can easily understand your point of view.When writing an executive summary for your dissertation. The professional dissertation writers at the Royal British Essay Writers suggest the below-mentioned guidelines for the format of executive summary of dissertation.

  • It should start with an exciting introduction. The first paragraph must attract the reader’s attention and keep them hooked to read the entire dissertation.
  • Identify the problems. Every company has been set up to solve certain problems. Mark it and explain the problems that you want to solve.
  • Propose unique solutions that you highlighted in the dissertation introduction in the form of research questions or research objectives. Suggested solutions such as: How does your company solve problems? How does your company differ from other companies that offer the same services? Explain why your ideas are better and how you can make the solution easier.
  • Prove all your claims with proof in the summary. Provide assistance with the way your company can solve the problems.
  • Ask what you need. For example, how much does it cost to offer detailed logistics? Here you can specify the required amount, the return and the return on the investment and for which period.

Executive Summary Example of a Dissertation

A good tip is to go through different examples of executive summaries to advance your writing skills. Here is an example of the executive summary.

The research aimed to study the collaboration between legal representatives and healthcare professionals for young people with intellectual disabilities. As the state transitions from a welfare state to a participatory society, customer networks will play an increasingly important role in customer service. As this cooperation becomes more important, the organization wants to learn about the ways in which legal representatives continue to work with health professionals.

The main research question is: How does a legal representative work with a nursing care professional with young people with disabilities?

This research used a qualitative research method where open interviews as a method of data collection were used. The survey respondents included twelve legal representatives of clients living with young people with intellectual disabilities. By linking the results of the interview with the literature on theoretical foundations and an analysis of the problems described, a complete picture of the cooperation between legal representatives and home care specialists can be outlined.

Useful example sentences for the dissertation summary

In this study, we tried to find the answer to [your main question on paper] …

This research study explores the relationship between [independent and dependent variables] …

The results show that [share the most important importation] …

The most important conclusions can be drawn from the study…

We can conclude that … supports…


If you don’t know how to write an executive summary of a dissertation, we advise you to go through this article to come up with one of the excellent executive summaries you have ever written. Make sure to follow the example so you do not exceed the word count. We hope this article will be helpful when you write executive summary for dissertation.