Essays serve different purposes in different fields, there is no standard structure to follow and same goes when you write influential essay. For example, in an academic essay, the main purpose is to talk about a particular subject. This type of essay usually displays your level of understanding and experience. Conversely, to write influential essay, you have to discuss about fictional or real-life characters or events that had a noteworthy influence on your life. These kinds of essays are common in colleges and universities to assess the students.

Pro Tips to Write Influential Essay

Before you begin to search how to write influential essay with a good structure, it is important to make an outline. Find out what you are going to talk about before you start writing an essay.

Essay structure

The structure is the most important part of an essay because only the structure of an essay can make high-quality essay. A structure is the basic framework of a document that must be followed when you want to write it from the beginning. This is a set of strict guidelines that must be followed when writing a document. In this regard, you can search essay structure template to find the step-by-step guide. 

The structure of an academic essay includes a table of content, an introduction, the body, and the conclusions. There is also exception for the table of contents in an essay as per university guidelines or length of an essay.  

In order to understand why academic essay structure is so important, try to imagine an essay that begins with a body paragraph and ends without a conclusion. No one will read such kind of essays due to their logic errors. Let us take a closer look at each component and learn how to build tests.

How To Plan Influential Essay Structure

There are many ways how you can plan the structure when you write influential essay. One way of doing it is mapping, and the second one is to create an outline. Mapping is a more liberal method among the two. Here, you trace your essay and write the key phrases in a logical order. In order to plan your academic essay structure more easily, you must try to follow the formula: What? How? Why? According to this, you state the subject, explain it, and address its importance to the reader.

Structure and Format of An Essay

Let us talk about the format of an essay now that you have an idea of how to write an essay with a good essay structure. No matter what the topic or subject is, one thing is clear – an essay must contain an introduction, body and conclusion.

Start your introduction with a bang. State facts, quotes, or describe a real-life event at the beginning- make sure that the method you have chosen matches the purpose of your essay. Then write the body in paragraphs and consider it the most important part of the entire essay. The essay body provides the taste of your essay so that the reader has an idea of ​​what he can expect from the text.

While the introduction draws the reader’s attention and introduces the topic, the conclusion summarizes your ideas and arguments. It also creates a bridge between the contents of your essay and the wider context. This encourages the reader to think about the subject, wanting to learn more or share information with others.

In order to write a compelling essay that catches your reader’s attention and keep them engaged, you need to think a lot about structure and format of an essay. In addition to the main elements, such as introduction, body text and conclusion, many other elements must be taken into account when you write influential essay. For example, the order of your arguments. In addition, the planning step is important. Without a map or outline, it can be very difficult to get a solid structure. So think, plan, design, create and deliver your essay.