Learning how to write an argumentative essay is a useful skill. Interesting, well-written argumentative essays provide relevant evidence to support the argument and persuade the readers about a particular point of view. This type of essay also provide the readers with a complete overview of the subject matter covering all aspects to convince them towards the writer’s stance.

In order to present a strong stance, an argumentative essay paper must consist of all the elements that will convince the readers to look at things from your perspective. These components include interesting argumentative essay topics, a well-adjusted assessment, substantial proof, and persuasive language. In addition, you can look for examples of good argumentative essays as an inspiration to write your own essay. Here is an exclusive guide on how to write an argumentative essay.

5 Ways to Write An Argumentative Essay

1. Choosing an argumentative essay topic

The first step is finding a good topic for the essay, keep in mind the prevailing problems and choose a few that evoke at least two strong and contradictory views. When browsing through a list of topics, choose a topic that sparks your interest, as you will have more knowledge about a topic. As a result, you will have more insights to add into the topic. It should be noted that when you choose your topic, you shall research the information that you already know and verify that before you write. Because, the information that we have in our mind can be distorted or unclear to present.

After selecting an argumentative essay topic that you are most familiar with, make a list of facts for both sides of the argument. When writing an argument you must explain why your belief is logical and reasonable. List down the points that you can use as evidence for support or reasoning. Finally, discuss your point of view and make sure you can substantiate your reasoning and evidence. Write against the opposite point of view and show why your stance is right.

2. Collect all the evidence

One of the main objectives of your essay is to evaluate both sides of the problem. Think about strong arguments for both sides; in support as well as for the opposition. Give strong evidence without any drama; stick to the facts and give clear examples to support your point of view.

You may want to look for studies that can provide statistics about your topic to support your reasoning, as well as examples of how your subject affects people, animals, and even the planet. Experts opinion on your subject can also help you write compelling arguments.

3. Write your essay

With a solid information foundation, you can start writing your argumentative essay. Just like every essay, an argumentative essay must consist of three sections: an introduction, body, and a conclusion. The size of the paragraphs in each section varies depending on the length of the essay.

Just like an essay, the first paragraph of the paper should introduce a topic and briefly discuss the subject, including background information and write the arguments that are relevant to your topic. In this case, an essay is a statement of your position on a particular litigation issue.

4. Discuss two sides of the argument

In the essay body, write the main essence of the argument. Explain in more detail both sides of the argument and indicate the strongest on the other side. After discussing the other side of the argument, you must present your point of view, and then provide evidence of why your stance is correct. Criticise others work using some of the information you found during the research. Choose the most compelling evidence, and then state your point of view. Combine evidence, statistics, and other research and stories to make the readers agree with you.

5. Conclusion

In the end, write a solid conclusion to summarize your point of view and explain to your readers why your stance is the best. You might consider keeping a shocking statistic as a conclusion, which is clear to the reader. Use the last two paragraphs to reaffirm your most sensible position.

Here we finish our guide on how to write argumentative essay. When writing an argumentative essay, consider these tips to help you provide the most rational and rigorous arguments for your readers. Always take out time to make corrections. Make sure your essay is free from all errors and is well structured, it will add credibility to your essay. If you are struggling to write an influential essay, here is our guide on how to write influential essay. Dissertation is also an important part of academics, here you can also find how to write a dissertation introduction to make it appealing. If there is anything you want to know or improve, comment us so we can cover in our next blog.