You might have heard about the concept paper but here is a guide to explore; what is concept paper and how to write a concept paper. This article will also explain why a concept paper is important and how to write a good concept paper. In this blog, we will also provide a step-by-step guide on how it’s written. So lets read on to find out more about the concept paper.

What is the concept paper?

A concept paper provides a brief summary of a research project. Generally, they serve the purpose of providing in-depth research and information about a topic that reflects the interest and expertise of the writer. All research project must have a concept paper.

Typically, the structure of the concept paper must include:

1. A title in the form of a question. This is the last section in the concept paper that you will be writing, but it requires to be included in the title of the document.

2. A clear overview of the research topic, along with a summary of known knowledge on the topic.

3. A clear statement of the research question that the project aims to answer. Elaborate on how the questions can be answered in the concept paper.

4. Demonstrate the importance of answering the research questions, such as what are the benefits of this research project? Why is this project worth writing?

5. Describe how the researcher plans to answer research questions. It includes:

  • An explanation of the data or evidence that the researcher intends to collect or use;
  • Describes how researchers will analyse the data,
  • A presentation of how data and analysis methods will answer the research question.

Step By Step Guide On Writing a Concept Paper

The steps involved in writing a concept document are common and in most cases can be used to develop models. There are many concept paper examples available online to help you guide how to write a concept paper. If you are a professional assignment writer then you will not encounter any difficulty writing a concept paper.

1. Topic Selection: In the first step, the write must select a concept paper topic for the research project. He must ensure that the assignments, requirements, methods and means of financing. Apart from that any other specific information of the transferor or the targeted public correspond to the information of the project requires to be mentioned.

2. Defining Goals: The second step is to summarize the project by indicating the issues that will be discussed/resolved, the goals and objectives, expected results of the project, the procedures to determine if the goals and objectives were achieved or not.

3. List of References: In the third step, the writer includes a list of references to discuss the model on which the project will focus.

4. Defining Budget: A budget should be established for the project, if appropriate. This will include all costs related to the planning and execution of the project. Whether the concept paper is going to be used to raise funds or simply to convey information, costs and resources associated with the project may require a budget. For example, time spent on research and information gathering.

5. Approaval of Application: The fifth step may require the approval of the authorized person prior to the filing of the application. In the case of purely informative conceptual documents, it may be a contribution of the committee. This step can take place earlier in the process. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the time and deadline to be respected when submitting a concept paper. Whether funding is requested or not, the deadline will be strict. These delays for concept files, used only for information dissemination, may be more flexible.

6. Funding Request: In the last section, provide the contact information of the applicant organization’s chief executive along with his/her designee to make a funding request. 

After your concept paper is completed, do not forget to review it. In doing so, you will be able to look at the original concept and compare it with what you have written. Moreover, reviewing your concept paper will lower the chances of errors and help the reader understand the research topic. You can seek help of a close friend or a professional whom you ask to write my essay for proofreading of your concept paper. If you are still confused and not sure how to write a concept paper, you can look for examples of a good concept paper and proceed with writing.

We hope this article helps you with the concept paper writing. If you are finding it difficult to write a concept paper, you can draft your ideas of the concept then format them in a stepwise manner to be more meaningful and accurate. Also, it is important to clarify the information so you can appeal for the funding request. Now you know how to write a concept paper, you can leave the comments below for any specific information regarding the concept paper for us to cover. If you need any kind of writing help, you can contact Royal British Essay Writers and we will be happy to guide you.