In the college or at a university, students have to work out different types of writing tasks that vary from a long dissertation to a short essay. It often creates complexity when students have to deal with a topic but they are given a compact format or limitations of one or two pages. The students have to do a heavy research to make their short essay enticing under a certain limit. No doubt it is a tricky task to write such document precisely without beating about the bush. Worry no more as we present some best tips to write a short essay so you score good grades and appeal your readers.

What Is a Short Essay?

The short essay is similar to the longer one. These both follow the same rules, except the length. In a short essay, one cannot go beyond two pages or oftentimes 500 words. Sometimes little changes may depend according to the mentor. The topic for the short essay writing is chosen from the trending topics. It is must to have the background information for a potential reader. This would also help the writer setting up the content and reader will learn more about the topic. 

The topic should be eye-catching so that the readers would get absorbed by the essay. However, in a little space, you have to cover the crux of the write-up. The experts and professional essay writers suggest to read and learn the topic before choosing to write a short essay. All you have to do is give your opinion on the selected topic without giving an explanation or providing examples. 

Structure of the Short Essay

Students get trapped when they are asked to write a short essay on a certain structure. Many students fail to follow the given structure and result in a downgrade. Therefore, it is a must to follow the structure, no matter whether it is a detailed or a short essay. Read on to learn more about the short essay structure and format.


In this section, you have to tell readers about the context of the topic. Also, have to mention the issues that you are going to raise in the future. This is the first impression of your work on the readers, therefore, you need to showcase your efforts here.

Thesis Statement

This is a part of your introduction of short essay where you have to spell out the writer’s opinion. You have to raise a question that you will answer at the end of the short essay. Moreover, this thesis statement will continue throughout the write-up so it should catch the reader’s attention and must follow the rule of the short essay. You have to act on the statement precisely upon the gathered data and arguments. 

Body Paragraphs

This part requires to weigh in on your arguments. For this, you need to pay attention to the short essay writing format so you work as per word count limit. Precisely, you describe the topic here. Then, you have to provide the supporting arguments to prove the thesis statement. There are many approaches to write this body paragraph where most short essay writers choose the TEEL approach. Here, the structure of the para is the topic sentence, explanation, evidence, and the link. This type of approach can reduce the length of the document while providing enough space to lay down your argument.


In this part, you conclude the findings. The conclusion of the short essay tells the readers, the explanation that you have provided to stand on the topic. This area depends on the evidence so that readers would get a lesson from it. 

Important Sections in a Short Essay Writing

You would not get good grades until each part of your short essay is well written, as every part has its own importance. Since every coursework writing has a format and structure to follow, so does this short essay. Therefore, pay attention to all the sections, it helps to stand out and defines their placement. The structure of the short essay has been explained above let’s discuss the importance of the sections and best tips to write short essay.


This section aims to gain the attention of the readers. It should be worth reading. Not only will this tell the readers whether to read further, the readers would hope to learn something fascinating from your work. 

Topic Statement

One of the best short essay writing tips is to choose a good topic sentence. This can also be known as the thesis statement. It depends on the crux of the document. This part sets the theme, tone, and direction of your research. It would present your approach to the topic. 

Main Idea

This part is under the consideration of the body paragraphs. There are several body paragraphs and each para would provide the main idea based upon evidence. Also, you have to make a conclusion of your findings. 


In this section writer shows the connectivity of different thoughts so that reader would easily get it. It also mentions the page where the reader is going to lend next without any abruptness. Simply, this section plays the role of engagement of the work so that reader would not distract anywhere. 


Mentioning the references in your document is a vital part of your short essay writing. When you do not mention the references teachers would not admire your document and it will also question the authenticity of your work. The pros at the Royal British Essay Writers use Harvard referencing style to mention the sources of data collection. Therefore, avoid this short essay writing mistake and pay attention to acknowledge the sources from where you have obtained the data. Moreover, it helps you prevent plagiarism and supports the document. 


It is a must to comment based on the rigorous research that you have done while writing a short essay. A comment can open the door for future research and academic essays as it can include the potential implications of your conclusion. Make it concise and clear to keep within your word count limit.

To Sum Up

Writing a short essay is quite difficult than the longer one because in a descriptive essay you have ample number of words to express. Moreover, there are some rules according to the mentor to write the essay on the given time limit. To write an effective short essay you must have enough knowledge so that you only write the key elements in the document. One of the best short essay writing tips is to find a trendy and interesting topic to entice the readers. Do not choose a difficult topic for a short essay as it requires a longer explanation.