Academic writing is a complicated task to perform even when you know the instructions to perform it. That is why you need some practical tips to improve academic writing skills. It will not only help you get good marks but also contribute to your writing skills. So without further ado, let’s find out more about academic writing and how you can improve your academic writing skills.

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is a formal style of writing that is aimed to enhance the understanding of a reader. Though it uses a formal tone and style, the vocabulary is simple. It uses a mix of short and long sentences and arguments must be supported with evidence. In scholastic writing or academic writing, a writer also presents his arguments based on social sciences, natural sciences or empirical evidence. Academic writing can be descriptive, analytical, reflective or persuasive.

Common Problems of Students Related to Academic Writing

The problem with most of the students is their inability to compose their essays, even if they have better ideas. Although some students have brilliant skills for composing academic writing they fail in composing their argument or supporting it with evidence. That is the reason many scholars consider academic writing as a challenging task and struggle to score in their assignments and essays.

Proven Tips to Improve Academic Writing Skills to Impress Your Teachers

Prepare your mind

The very significant thing to do before academic writing is to prepare your mind for doing it. It is one of the academic writing tips which protect you from doing your work as a burden. In this way, you will also develop an interest in your work. To prepare yourself, you can do whatever pleases your mind. For instance, you can take fresh air by going on your terrace, etc.

Learn to manage your time

Time management is one of the best tips to improve academic writing skills as working beforehand can help prepare an excellent piece of academic writing. It is a very usual fact that you need time to develop interest and if you wait till the given deadline for doing the work, you will regret it. Because you will not be able to do impeccable work. Hence, for a catchy and argumentative work you need time.

Brainstorm for a proper essay

Essays are one of the most common compositions in academic writing. Before starting with the write-up, you need to do brainstorming. In this activity, you jot down your ideas in the form of points or a mind map. It is a very productive activity in the sense that it portrays a picture of the ideas going on in your mind for the topic. Also, it is one of the useful academic writing hacks that help you to compose the argument of your academic writing.

Build a structure of your Write-up

The very foremost thing before starting your writing is to prepare an outline for its structure. Because, some students forget to provide the structure of the essay, and every object needs a proper structure for providing a better presentation. Also, it helps the reader to understand the writing in an easier manner. For instance, the structure of an essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. One can add more headings in the body paragraphs or discussion section.

Write an attractive introduction

No matter which type of academic writing you have to write, the introduction paragraph is a must. The technique to build a proper introduction of your essay is to write it after composing your body paragraphs. The experts at Royal British Essay Writers also write an introduction after the discussion section. In this way, you will be able to introduce your write-up coherently. Also, you need to write catchy words in your introduction that can grab your reader’s attention.

Body Paragraph Writing

The next thing you need to focus on is your body paragraphs. You can improve your academic writing skills by dealing you each paragraph as an individual essay. In other words, make sure to provide not only a proper essay but a proper paragraph as well.

For this purpose, you need to provide a topic sentence in every paragraph, to provide your audience insight into your subtopics. The way of dealing with every paragraph individually does not mean that they are not interlinked with one another. Hence, you need to provide a coherent essay with interconnected paragraphs.

Another major part of body paragraphs is providing evidence and facts to support your idea. For this purpose, you can agree or disagree with the author you are highlighting but your argument must have a supporting idea of some author. By agreeing with someone’s work does not mean that you are supposed to say yes to every point of that person. You can agree to some points while critiquing others based on evidence. Besides, if you are disagreeing with that person, make sure that your claim has enough dissenting strength.

Summing up your essay

Conclusion or the end words of your academic writing does not appear as an introduction to some readers because some individuals have this habit of jumping towards the concluding part of the essay. Thus your conclusion should be a summary of what you have discussed throughout the essay. Also, remember that in a conclusion you need to write a paragraph that wraps up your essay.

Grammar and other technical requirements of the essay

Academic writing skills can be improved with the help of some online software as well because it is always helpful when you have your guide along with you. The software “Grammarly” helps you to improve grammatical mistakes, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation. Nevertheless, a successful academic writer must learn the grammatical and punctuation rules and do practice applying them expertly.

Focusing on your expected audience & Revising Work

The focus on your audience requires your attention and your performance in a way as if you are standing on a stage for a presentation. If you keep the focus in mind, it will always help you to portray your arguments deliberately. Because an essay or a presentation is intended for a particular audience or a subject.

Revising your essay is an important task to prepare an academic essay. Many writers ignore or become fed up with revising their work, which results in the rejection of their work. On the other hand, revising saves you from embarrassment or rejection.


To conclude, the article summed up tips to improve academic writing compositions and help you score well on assignments. Make sure to practice and keep in mind the audience before writing. If you need further help, you can ask our experts to write my essay to get professional assistance.