Writing an application letter for employment is undoubtedly important in the application process to give a good impression to the employer. Only with a good application letter template, you have chances to receive a positive response from job interviews. First and foremost, your potential employer wants to see exactly why you are the right fit for the job and how you meet all his requirements. All these details must be included when you write an application letter for a job vacancy. Mention your educational background, experience in desired areas, and social skills (like teamwork, leadership, communication skills).

When assessing a job application,the employer wants to know two things:

  1. Do you meet their requirements? With this information, they can filter candidates from the long list. Make sure to write your job description and prove that you meet their criteria.
  2. Are you different from other candidates? This helps recruiters make their interview list. If other candidates have similar qualifications, it may be your work experience or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your employment potential.

How to write a job application professionally?

It takes only 10 seconds to anexperienced employer to decide whether to call you for interview or not. Toimprove your chances of standing out among others, follow our stepwise guidefor an effective applicationwriting format.

Step 1. Get ready

  • Gather all your basic information:personal information, work experience, skills and training, etc.
  • Contact the people who you want touse as referees. Request for their consent and share their contact information.
  • Think about why you need this job, whatyou can offer to the employer, and why are you different.

Step2 Determine what the employer wants

  • Check the deadline before applying,if possible apply before the deadline. Some employers begin to reviewapplications by the deadline – usually, they are overloaded with applicationsat the last minute – so if you submit your application in advance, you may begiven more attention.
  • Read the job description tounderstand the skills and experience required by an employer.

Step3 Write a job application

Give yourself plenty of time: writing a job application letter may take longer than expected. Employers and hiring managers have certain expectations when it comes to job application letter, from length to font size to letter spacing. An important tip is to be accurate, concise and appealing to make it work.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing Job Application Letter

Length: Job application letter should notbe more than one page.

Pagesize and format:Application letters must have an interval with a space between each paragraph.Use a margin of about 1 inch and align the text to the left, this is the standardalignment format for most documents.

Font: Use traditional fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. The font size must be between 10 to 12 when you write an application for employment.

WhatTo Include In Each Part of The Letter?

An application letter has certainrules, from greetings to signatures and the format of letter. The following isa brief overview of the most important parts of the cover letter template:

Heading: The letter of application mustbegin with your contact information and the details of the employer (name,address, phone number, email), followed by the date.

Greetings: This part includes your politegreeting. The most common greeting is “Dear Mr./Miss,” followed by the person’slast name. Additional information about a suitable cover letter, including whatto do if you do not know the name of this person or are not sure of the contactdetails.

Mainbody:Treat this section as three separate parts; first, second, and third paragraph.

LetterClosure: Signoff the application with a polished seal, such as ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Yours Truly’,followed by your name.

Signature: Complete your application with a handwritten signature. If it’s an email, simply enter your name and contact information.

JobApplication Letter Tips

  • Takea moment: filling out the application can take hours and a lot of attention.
  • Thinkabout the purpose behind each question: What are the employers looking for?
  • Makesure you meet all of the employer’s standards and increase their visibility bywriting a successful job application.

Things to Consider when writing job application letter

Most of the inexperienced jobapplicants use same application for all the positions. Instead, they shouldmake minor adjustments according to positions and use the keywords that arenecessary for a position. For example, it is a common mistake in a job application letter forteacher where they don’t mention the number of students they handle in aclass. Some also fail to mention their skills with correct keywords such as;student hygine, class discipline, student counselling and more. Theseinclusions will make a perfect example of job application letter for teachers.

AGolden Tip: Beforewriting a job application letter, identify the skills and requirements that areessential for the job in the job posting. Include those in your CV and jobapplication to make sure you reflect what your employer wants.