The examination period is quite stressful for every student. However, a successful student manages to deal with his academic tasks and knows how to write in exams. That is the reason why only a few students ace their exams.
With us, you don’t need to worry anymore about scoring grades as this blog features the best exam writing tips. So read on and follow the guidelines so you never have to lose your grades.

9 Best Exam Writing Tips, Every Scholar Needs to Know

Managing Time for Each Section in Exam

Time is the most precious object to score during an exam. So, the best tip for exam writing significantly includes the calculation of time. It can be done based on the distribution of marks, the mode of the answer, and the capability of the student to attempt it.

1. Multiple Choice Question

The Multiple Choice Questions consist of a significant proportion of marks. A student must utilize the quarter of the exam to solve them, rather than using half of the time. The reason behind this suggestion is that a student does not have to write for such questions. Rather they have to mark their answer or encircle the correct choice.

2. Short Question

Moving to the next part, which could be a short question section, the student needs to examine the marks of the question. The assessment of marks is to decide the quantity of content. After taking this decision, the student will get success in deciding the amount of time that he needs to spend on short questions.

3. Long Questions

One of the best exam writing tips also suggested by tutors at Royal British Essay Writers is allotting time duration. In this way, you can have more time for complex questions. Another reason is that you can spend more time on questions consisting of more marks. Therefore, a student also has to write a thoughtful and satisfactory answer.

The Practice of Attempting Every Section

4. Choose the Best Answer

For Multiple Choice Questions, it is necessary for having practice selecting the best within a specific time. For this purpose, try practicing to solve these questions before the exam. You can also practice by solving the practice paper that teachers provide to students.

5. Answer Shortly

It is also a fact that rehearsal of any task brings betterment to it. Therefore, it is very important to attempt short questions before exams as well. In this way, you can understand how precisely you need to answer short questions.

6. Descriptive Answers

As the word says, a descriptive answer is one where you need to present details and relevant information. Without beating about the bush, where you need to provide a satisfactory and meaningful answer.

Focus on the Important Terms

One of the best exam writing tips is to pay attention to specific terms when attempting your papers. For instance, during solving the Multiple Choice Questions one needs to pay attention to the dominant term in the line of the question, and then look for the relevant term in the answer. However, for the short and the long answers, the same method is to be applied to perceive the highlighted term. It helps in attaining the meaning of the questions and saves time, as well.

7. Clear Concepts

Before solving a paper, attempt the questions for which you have clear concepts and knowledge. In this way, you can have more time to solve questions where you have to brainstorm.

Earlier Preparation and Paper Presentation

There is no better tip than preparing for exams beforehand. When you are prepared, you can overcome the challenges and do successful exam writing. Therefore, study and practice before exams so you can get desired grades. Keep in mind, there is no alternative to hard work and practice if you want good results.

8. Positive Attitude towards Teacher

Class performance is one of the ignorant parts of some student’s lives. You must demonstrate good behaviour in your class with your teacher and colleagues. The teacher not only observes your behaviour but also acknowledges your good relationship in the class.

9. Avoid Breaks and Go with the Flow

It happens with most of the students that they forget suddenly some word or some idea while doing their paper. If it happens to you, avoid wasting time thinking. You should continue writing a paper by leaving that word or idea as it helps in avoiding extraordinary confusion and anxiety. While answering other questions, you might remember the idea. Else, you can think after you complete the rest of the questions.


Now you know how to write in exams and attempt questions so you can finish on time and also score well. One of the best exam writing tips is to attempt all the questions that are easy for you and require a short time. Then you need to attempt the descriptive questions and those that require brainstorming. We hope this blog will help you to write better in exams.