There are certain attributes which differentiate a top student from an average one. To achieve top grades and becoming a topper, few tips are advised by toppers that include much hard work than you are doing right now. You might be acquainted with some of those but this blog features some tips to do that in a right way. Regardless of the course, these pro tips can help you getting maximum grades in every subject. So read on to find out how you can escalate your performance to become a top grader.

5 Tips from Pros to Become a Top Grader

1) Never miss classes

Attending your class regularly is necessary. None of the topper students would skip any of his/her class even he/she is ill.

Listen to the lectures: Attending lectures and its clarification is the most important activity for the top students. In the class lecture, students must clear every concept of the subject. As for the lecture is like a treasure, they need to collect as much information during the lecture as they could. Taking class every day and listening to the lectures with the maximum concentration and focus is a must for them.

Participation during class: Another most important thing for top students is their habit of class participation and asking different questions. They first listen to the things told by the teacher and then ask intelligent questions which results in extra marks for class participation assigned by the teacher. So, it is a great opportunity of gaining/availing chances of improvement in grades by just raising your hand and asking brilliant questions. Teachers appreciate this thing.

Score attendance marks: You will never see a top student absent in the class. Just like class participation, teachers also appreciate those who have attended more than 90%. So, they also avail extra marks because of this reason, as they never miss a class and if they do, it might be a single absence for a valid reason, of course!

2) Practice and study daily

A big mistake, made by most of the average students is lack of practice which results in forgetting the things that teacher taught them. When it is the time to submit an essay, they usually consult a professional essay writer because they do find it challenging to complete homework. On the other hand, the top students usually after listening to the lectures make notes and do practice on it and study it daily to make things more clear and understood. Revising the things learned in the lecture through textbooks and also doing secondary research on it would make it remember for a long time. So they make it easy to remember and understand the topics in a way that they can finish their own homework.

3) Read additional books related to your subject

Those students, who are looking for an idea that how to become a top student should keep in mind that doing extra efforts would give you something extra that you deserve. You should read the additional textbooks as they would help you in increasing your knowledge and understanding but make sure it is relatable to your particular subject. These extra sources would help you in understanding from a different perspective and teachers would get impressed by you. So, it would also help you in gaining good marks.

4) Take daily notes

Top students make their notes themselves with the help of lectures. It helps them in learning things easily and remembering them longer. It also happens sometimes that other students may find their personalized notes a bit difficult to understand it but for them, it is easier.

So, it is important to make notes yourself and then show it to the teacher to know either it’s correct or not. Try to note the main points of the lecture because you cannot write each and everything told by the teacher.

But if you want to note every single thing taught by your teacher during the lecture, then recording it or making notes from these recordings is the best option.

5) Study in Groups

An independent way of studying is a pretty good idea which we can say “Lone Wolf”, but it won’t help you in achieving your goal of becoming a topper. The top students who are editing essays at the Royal British Essay Writers suggest to make good friends for a group study. By studying in a group you would learn a topic from different perspectives and more comprehensively. Group studying is also beneficial for other things like it improves your leadership skills and your team working. These things help in maximizing the grades and becoming a top student.


To sum up, you need to attend all the lectures, record them or make notes to keep up with the course. You also need to learn from other sources on the same topic to clear your understanding. By practicing and studying daily, you can become a top student because it is one of the ways to become a topper. We hope these five tips will help you becoming a top student from an average student and getting maximum grades in exam. If you want to contribute the tips to become a topper, you can write to us or comment below.